Insulating Polymer Concrete Overlay for Cryogenic LNG Terminal Spills (Secondary Containment)

Posted by John Bors on Tue, Feb 6, 2018 @ 06:02 AM

Stemming from research conducted in conjunction with Brookhaven National Laboratory, ChemCo Systems is proud to announce a recent large scale installation of CCS InsulPOX™ at an LNG terminal facility in New York. InsulPOX has also been selected for use in a new LNG liquification and export terminal scheduled to begin operations shortly.

InsulPOX epoxy thermal insulating  polymer concrete (IPC) is used on the surface of concrete floors and walls of secondary containment trenches and sumps at LNG terminals. This lightweight ~3/4-1" thick overlay system reduces the evaporation rate of spilled LNG, thus reducing the vapor plume and lowering the concentration of methane gas in the atmosphere below its flammable limit. It also provides protection to the concrete and reinforcing steel from potential fracturing and embrittlement by insulating from the -260°F LNG liquid should a spill occur.

InsulPOX's flexibility and toughness provide excellent mechanical and thermal shock resistance and a long mixed work life and low exotherm make installation hassle-free. InsulPOX can be installed in-place on floors or cast in place on walls. Optionally, InsulPOX precast panels are also available in multiple sizes for quicker installation. We are excited to be in a position to contribute to the growth and safety of the LNG industry.

ChemCo Systems InsulPOX Cryogenic Polymer Overlay

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