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Posted by John Bors on Tue, Feb 6, 2018 @ 06:02 AM

Could you use a free training program to refresh or upgrade your field crews' skills in structural concrete repair or crack injection? Call us—we might be able to help. Assuming we have room geographically in our Kemko applicator program to fit your company, we can plan a practical, hands-on training session of about a day and a half with little lead-time.

Tired of submitting old copies of CCS product data sheets and MSDs? We just completed a complete overhaul of both items. Email or call for a complete set of updated information on CD. Yep, thanks to Brian we finally beat the curse of some prehistoric software (politely called legacy software) that didn't work on a computer born after 1978 (like Wolfgang's).

Want to save a few bucks? Just combine your epoxy needs to a total of 60 gallons or more and you will qualify for a minimum of a 5% discount. Spend the savings on your lovely wife.

Performing a crack injection job requiring surface ports? Give the Kemko ports a try. We now carry ports fabricated in your choice of 2 materials: ABS (black) and nylon (cream translucent). Both port materials feature a base flange with superior bonding compared to ports made of polyethylene (i.e., ours won't blow off like poly). If you are also looking for a good source of the wedge shaped golf tees for use as port plugs, we can help there too.

Your normally safe crewman just poured epoxy on his shirt or pants leg; what should he do? No matter what article of clothing, the best response is to remove it quickly. With short-term dermal exposure to our products, there is usually little harm as long as the skin is washed thoroughly and completely with lots of soap and water. Long term exposure to some part B's may cause alkali chemical burns. Last piece of advice: don't wear the dirty clothing home.

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